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The streets of Paris come alive in NYC at Cognac East

When one is walking down the streets of Paris in the summertime, there is a certain quaintness to be felt in the presence of people just sitting carelessly in cafes enjoying the romanticism of the city, a big part of it being the cuisine. And if anyone has ever been to the wonderful city of Paris, their style of dining isn’t that “on-the-go” type; it is all about the experience (pro tip: don’t be surprised if you are left waiting there for your check!).

This is everything that can be said of the feel of COGNAC EAST. One may feel a temporary lapse of teleportation to a different time and place, but expect to feel Paris-like vibes from this restaurant in the Upper East Side (which: if you’re lucky enough to sit upstairs in the purple room, you’re lucky enough!).

Definitely start your night off with the CHEESE FONDUE, because who doesn’t love a giant, melting crock of cheese?

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Other dinner menu items you cannot live without include escargot “Burgundy style” with garlic butter, fresh parsley, a touch of white wine: 

GRILLED OCTOPUS SALAD, served with white beans, diced jalapeno, yellow & green beans, roasted corn & heirloom baby tomatoes:

Check out the rest and then head to COGNAC EAST to experience for yourself.

Bon appetit!

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