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An exclusive club all winos need to be a part of

“Your new french wine connection.”

My goals for 2018 were very simple: eat more, and drink more wine. Lucky for me, Blason Louis Club is allowing me to stay true to my 2018 resolutions.

Did you ever want to experience the wines of the world, but just can’t get yourself to keep up with the shipping price tags? Or just simply too tired to wait in those super long lines at Trader Joe’s? Well with this new concept for wine tasting, there’s good news. Blason Louis Club delivers single glass-size samples inside signature “flacons” straight from Bordeaux to Burgundy of simply the best French wines out there, right to your doorstep.

From soil to sipping, 2 different wines per month are included along with an insider pricing of the full bottle version and detailed notes from the experts to guide your at-home tasting—“it’s like having a sommelier as your favorite drinking buddy”—and stories from the winemakers to drink to.

For my first month I received two reds: a Cote-Rotie by Stephane Carrel, and a Chateauneuf-du-Pape by Daniel Coulon. There are different packages available to start your journey, even if you want to just taste for one month. You can join with a friend and start your own wine thing, too; the possibilities are endless, and what could be better than anticipating an exclusive delivery of wine?

If you want to join the coolest club around and enhance your Somm status, choose among their various packages (discounts for 1 year!) and receive:

  1. Two 3.5 oz flacons of top-of-the-line wines per month to taste
  2. Tasting notes to compare
  3. Winemaker stories to share


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