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The inevitable Top 10 of 2014: Loop’s top movie picks

This year was weird. I cannot explain why exactly (maybe Mama had something to do with it?), but 2014 was a weird (and I guess at times wonderful) year for movies. A lotta dumb busts, but a lot of incredible features that made up for whatever Hollywood was trying to do (or maybe I’m really just that salty about Mama). Either way, it’s a Loop tradition that from January to June all the way up until that stupid December “top 10 everything” time of the year that I bring you my top 10 favs of 2014. So without further ado, my way too long overdue list (in no particular order):

1. NIGHTCRAWLER (Dan Gilroy)


O Jake Gyllenhaal, how you always find a way to be totally creepy yet insanely attractive all at the same time (remember Prisoners?!). In this Los Angeles-set thriller Louis Bloom is desperate for work. When he falls into the blurred lines of his new gig in crime journalism, stuff gets intense. While Gyllenhaal is maneuvering through wired fences and showing definite signs of a classic sociopath, Nightcrawler is a broader critique on capitalism and how the crazy ones always find a way to the top.

(photo via screen invasion)

2. The LEGO Movie (Chris Miller, Phil Lord)

Film Review The Lego Movie

Wait, it’s totally OK that if I really had to choose THE LEGO MOVIE is probably my favorite of 2014, right? And it’s not just because of the movie’s anthem “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!” that was stuck in everyone’s head for two months, OR even because Channing Tatum makes a guest appearance, but rather the simplicity of this cartoon’s movie and the heartfelt emotion I got from these workin’ men (LEGOS!) stuck in a world where all they do is WORK WORK WORK (all while fighting off evil Lord Business and the evil Taco Tuesday Doomsday, of course).

(photo via Forbes)

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson)


Make fun of Wes Anderson all you want for being whimsical and witty, but The Grand Budapest Hotel is a very classic whimsical and witty Anderson at his absolute greatest (like maybe the fucking best, after Rushmore of course.) Traveling to a brutally cold Central Europe at the Grand Budapest Hotel one will find themselves becoming too a part of this magical world on the hunt for a very specific painting running into YES of COURSE: Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman (so no need to worry about any of that nonsense.)

(photo via Fast Company)

4. Let’s Be Cops (Luke Greenfield)


Going into Let’s Be Cops not going to lie I wasn’t expecting much out of the comedy. “REALLY?”, I thought. “ANOTHER cop comedy?” But this one actually smashed it out of the park (and I even watched it on a little tablet!), making me continuously laugh my ass off every other second at the guys who dress up as cops, and who everyone thinks are cops. A lot of fun cameos especially Natasha Leggero who makes a silly appearance adding on to the already long enough list of reasons to fall in love with Let’s Be Cops.

(photo via HD Wallpapers)

5. Frank (Lenny Abrahamson)


Kinda hard not to be obsessed with Frank who’s actually played by the ever so delightful Michael Fassbender—who if you remember always finds a way on our top movies list with his good looks and of course in this case, very funny role in this movie based on an old book character and musician in the 80s who crosses paths with wannabe musician (Domhnall Gleeson) one night, inviting him along for the ride. Frank is a story about music and dedication and just plain rockin’ out for the sake of rockin’ out—because who gives a f*ck?! I love you alllll….

6. The Theory of Everything (James Marsh)


After seeing The Theory of Everything not only did I cry nearly the entire way through due to its plain beauty but the performance by lead man is Mr. Eddie Redmayne playing the scientific genius and renowned cosmologist responsible for a hell of a lot of scientific history is SURE to be considered for an Oscar (duh!) for this worldly feature. The film, which is more about the scientist’s young life leading up to a turning point with Lou Gehrig’s disease all the way to his incredible doctoral achievements at Oxford and his long-lasting relationship with first love Jane (played by Felicity Jones), takes you on an unbelievable ride full of emotion and hope for life.

(photo via nerdcoremovement)

7. Bears (Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey)


There is nothing to say except oh my gosh Bears is CUTE CUTE CUTE. I saw this movie on a rainy day alone, so I know what it’s like to get cheered up by da BEARS, a story of a family of two cubs and their mother on a journey to get all dat SALMMY (SALMMY = salmon) when the weather breaks after a long journey post-hibernation status. And it’s all quite beautiful as the narration by John C. Reilly takes you through a story about family of two cubs and their mother running into some unexpected adventures in the wild.

(photo via CDN)

8. Birdman (Alejandro González Iñárritu)


Birdman is as funny as it is sarcastic, as ridiculous as it is accurate. The story goes, as for most actors, that sometimes the limelight disappears and they have to find some way to make a comeback. In Riggan’s case, the former Birdman superhero himself has taken a step to recreate his fame in the Broadway play “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”. But when an evil journalist is after him to demolish his efforts and his co-star is nothing but trouble and a big fuss, Riggan must deal with all of the heat in an ever-dulling New York all while juggling his neurotic daughter and crazy girlfriend.

9. Frozen (Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee)


Speaking of cute animated films, another one to take the cake this year for its awesomeness is FROZEN. I know, I know—too cute for words, right? Because ONLY TRUE LOVE CAN THAW A FROZEN HEART! Everyone who saw this one ages 4-55 was sure to fall in love with the sisters and Anna’s unfortunate frozen touch with the soundtrack’s perfect accompaniment to each character’s brilliant role featuring none other than Kristen Bell.

(photo via moustache magazine)

10. Under the Skin (Jonathan Glazer)


I almost forgot I saw the eerie Under the Skin, a futuristic look at what crime could amount to in the not so distant future. Scarlett Johansson stars as the weird robotic killer on the hunt for prey, luring them into her car to a dark, dark place where humans go to, uhh, die in the weirdest way I’ve ever possibly seen. Prepare to be totally grossed out, utterly confused, and yet simultaneously satisfied with this chilling thriller.

(photo via joblo)

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