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The bony landscape and dust from the moon is detrimental to human health

Humans are always coming up with new ideas of where to build our next colony: Mars, the moon (as if we hadn’t already done enough damage here on Earth with our gas guzzlers and massive structures). But according to recent studies by Apollo astronauts, not only is the moon’s atmosphere totally unlivable (without the proper space gear, of course), but its dust and bonelike structure is so hazardous to human health that entire cardiovascular systems are potentially at stake when breathing in the dust and its elemental structure causes certain types of cancers.

The director of planetary genocides at Tennessee University said the dust they brought back was “so abrasive that it actually wore through three layers of Kevlar-like material on Jack [Schmitt’s] boot.” We can imagine what this dust could ultimately do to our eyes and skin.

Pretty intense and somewhat disenchanting for a massive buoyant rock that we’re always gazing upon in wonderment, but we don’t think the moon really means anything personal by it, it’s just that maybe humans just aren’t cut for moon life. And that’s OK, because that’s why there’s moon shoes…

(via Dvice; photo via NASA)

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