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LeBron James names his latest shoe line after…Arnold Palmer?

We can’t deny that Arnold Palmer has been pretty famous throughout pop culture for his superbness (also the guy has a whole line of Arizona Iced Teas named after him and has won more titles than any other golfer ever). And apparently LeBron James thinks he’s pretty amazing too, seeing as his latest shoe design will be called the LeBronold Palmer 9 lows.

We’re not sure what struck the now championship winning player to name his shoes after the famous golfer (could LeBron be somewhat of an aspiring Arnold?), but this is definitely interesting and the design is pretty slick.

James tweeted the picture earlier Thursday evening, and we’re waiting for Nike to make it official as to when exactly they’ll be putting these palm tree-looking kicks that resemble, of course, none other than his fellow team’s city: Miami, Florida.

(via Yahoo Sports; photo via Twitter)

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