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Ten new TV shows that could really use a second season

1. Getting On (HBO)










There’s no way you can’t love hard on this new hospital comedy that’s unlike any other you have ever seen featuring talents such as Alex Borstein (Family Guy), Niecy Nash (Reno 911) as nurses and Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne) as the head haunch MD catering to the elderly in the Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit in Long Beach. Brought to you by the producers of Big Love Anima Sola Productions, you can expect they’ve already been busy planning for season 2.

(photo via aljazeera)

2. Dads (FOX)










The critics hated it. Then they hated it even more. And whaddya know? The next thing you know everyone’s watching Dads, most likely with their dad (last week the show’s  rose 25% among young adults, and I mean, I know I already got my dad hooked). The duality of Martin Mull and Peter Riegert is genius as the tortuous now live-in dads that just can’t get their shit together. This one, if anything, just keeps getting better.

(photo via FOX)

3. Almost Human (FOX)










Two main reasons why Almost Human needs a season 2: #1: Karl Urban is the best ever, #2: Karl Urban is the best ever. Kidding, but he has a lot to do with why the show’s success rate is so high as him and his Android sidekick Dorian (Michael Ealy) tackle down a futuristic zone of prostitute bots, illegal sex trafficking, and a whole realm of futuristic crime that has us wanting more (and more, and more…).

(photo via Parade)

4. Mom (CBS)











Last year when Mom rolled out I put it on the back burner simply because not going to lie: it was a TV show called Mom (lesson learned: NEVER JUDGE A TV SHOW BY ITS NAME!), but already having loving Anna Feris and Allison Janney there was no way I could just NOT watch. And OMG: BEST. PILOT. EVER. After a deep binge on season 1 there’s no way I could go on knowing Mom didn’t get to linger around for a bit longer.

(photo via tvline)

5. Rick and Morty (Cartoon Network)










So cartoons are the new best thing, right? Yes? With some threads of Pinky and the Brain (which for the record: I totally miss), channel your inner funny and start dabbling in some Rick and Morty often. The show about a mad scientist Rick who returns home after 20 years to his daughter and her children, one being Morty (Justin Roiland impressively voices both characters), is going places.

(photo via Yahoo)

6. Hello Ladies (HBO)


Is there anyone more capable of winning us over than our favorite gem of a Brit Stephan Merchant? Well no, which is why Hello Ladies was such a joy to Sunday nights. As the depths of Stuart’s shallowness never fail to stop increasing, I’ve had fun in the first season dabbling in some typical behavior for the web designer turned wannabe Hollywood socialite that usually results in a cringe-worthy ending making me laugh infallibly nevertheless.

(photo via b-real)

7. Ja’mie: Private School Girl (HBO)














Chris Lilley is his own trademark of funny and amazing. Which I must say that we are totally spoiled to even get to lay eyes on the first season of the Angry Boys spinoff Ja’mie: Private School Girl in the first place, But OBVS we need to know what happens to the quichest b*tch we know to like, ever walk the halls of Hillford!

(photo via Chris Lilley)

8. Brooklyn 99 (FOX)











I knew right when I heard “Andy Samberg” that Brooklyn 99 would be funny, but it’s the characters and heart of the show that really make the show so great (THREE WORDS: Joe. Lo. Truglio). The Brooklyn-set cop comedy impresses with its fast-paced commentary and smart jokes you will be making Brooklyn 99 a part of your weekly ritual. OH: AND it won a Golden Globe, so…

(photo via Salon)

9. True Detective (HBO)










I know it’s only up to episode 2 and we haven’t even come close to getting a clue of what’s to come from this dark Louisiana-set mystery starring my new favorite duo Woody Harrelson and Matthew McCoughnahey, but LET’S BE SERIOUS: True Detective is probably the greatest thing to happen to television since when Boardwalk Empire first premiered.

(photo via iwatchstuff)

10. The Crazy Ones (CBS)










Maybe it’s the way Robin Willams steals my heart in everything he does, or maybe it’s the plain reason Sarah Michelle Geller is back in my life again, either way: more of The Crazy Ones, please.

(photo via q1065)

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