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Broad City: the latest Internet-to-TV comedy produced by Amy Poehler

“I’m getting my paycheck today and I can spot you bitch!”

Personally I think every girl should move to New York City in her twenties to get that skin-thickening experience of barely making rent, freezing at the bus stop for a bus that never comes, and you know, totally do some shady sh*t to scramble $135.67 for a Lil Wayne concert (seats so good you’re about to be more than just friends with Weezy). So of course I love Broad City, a new Comedy Central series that started on the Interwebs and made its way to TV, an ongoing thing as of late for those lucky enough. Oh yeah, it’s NOT GIRLS. So don’t think it’s GIRLS. 

In episode 1 “What a Wonderful World” Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are both working at less than ideal jobs in NYC, Ilana having it slightly worse as a gym employee with a dream to become a personal trainer (and let’s just say the Internet company Abbi works for forgets to pay her). Life’s a little rough for some chicks tryin’ to make it to the Lil Wayne concert ballin’ on a budget. Not to mention a night out at the Bowery Ballroom adds up: tickets, an eighth (obviously), PLUS drinks. Meaning: craigslist and illegitimately pawning office supplies comes into play, and basically the whole episode has you loving Glazer and Jacobson for their ballsy production of a “young chicks in New York City”-type thing. But it works, and it works well, relying more on comedy than any type of twenty-something drama (AND it’s produced by Amy Poehler, so there’s reason enough to make the show worth your while).

Wednesday nights Broad City airs at 10:30PM among a really entertaining lineup on Comedy Central, so don’t miss! It’s refreshingly good (watch episode 1 on Hulu here).

(via Comedy Central)

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