Tea time with Cantonese bao in West Village NYC

When it comes to things like bao, you expect the usual: fluffy, light buns with steaming juicy pork or mushroom in the center—perhaps some sweet chicken or sour beef. But when I made it to Bao Tea House in East Village, I was totally surprised by their awesome menu which includes bao like I’ve never seen, done Cantonese style; there are also the classic baos like their buffalo chicken that always makes for a yummy snack. 

To wash it all down there are also signature milk teas with floral and fruit flavors like rose grapefruit, jasmine rose, earl grey, rosted oolong milk, and rose milk.

My favorite part of the whole thing was Bao Tea House’s #LAVABAO (also pictured in the main photo), that is best described as the coolest-colored food you have ever seen in your life; I am not sure there is anything tastier and sweeter than this combo that melts in your mouth like sugar on your tongue.

The decor is very relaxing as you enjoy the Chinese cuisine and learn about a different kind of bao that’s atypical to what you might usually see around NYC, which makes for the whole Bao Tea House experience. 

Bao Tea House is located 140 West 4th Street in New York’s West Village neighborhood. 

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