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Black Barn restaurant takes on Chelsea Market with new lifestyle brand

I’m always for expanding an already successful brand. Black Barn Restaurant is a popular farm-to-table hotspot in Flatiron just above Madison Square Park. Their most recent location in the historic Chelsea Market is one of a kind with its storefront lifestyle brand that offers anything from crystal glassware to their extensive cork collection, not to mention handwoven Moroccan baskets, various art including popular recreations of famous musicians, and other home furnishings like a $5,700 designer desk that everyone needs for their apartment.

Because why should it be limited to just food? It just goes to show that there is an undeniable connectivity in the worlds of food, fashion, lifestyle, home and garden—you name it. Maybe The Theory of Everything reigns true here, that all things in the universe are connected no matter what. That is why there is so much beauty and creativity in Blackbarn’s concept that I hope other brands are brave enough to take on, because cocktails go hand-in-hand with fancy cork coasters; delicious food belongs on top of a ceramic plate with custom glaze to match your wallpaper, etc., etc.

Oh, and after you’re done racking up that $10,000 bill, you can plan on having a nice candlelit dinner with craft cocktails at the restaurant in the back. Just walk through and look for the curtain, behind it awaits a menu waiting to be devoured.





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