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Some humanimation from Neal Brennan’s Women and Black Dudes

“If he wanted a hand job, I would’ve given it to him”

There will be periods of time where I don’t check the Twitter for like, two days, and then of course I have to play catch-up and star f*ck all my favorite comedians. One of those being Neal Brennan, whose jokes are always worth a read AND whose stand up special Women and Black Dudes premieres at midnight on Comedy Central next Saturday (oh yeah, he also co-created Chappelle’s Show, and that was pretty much the funniest shit ever.)

So while busy star-f*cking the other day I came across a tease from that very special with some humanimation to go along with Brennan’s funny story of meeting President Obama. And it’s awesome. Check it, and watch Brennan’s Women and Black Dudes on Saturday, January 18th at midnight.

(photo via Comedy Central)

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