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Peter Paul and Mary Album 1700 on this throwback Thursday

“So alone, rollin’ home”

You know when you become so obsessed over an album you just keep playing it over and over, until you are a little embarrassed by the fact (better make sure that Spotify is set to private!)? Well that is pretty much my entire life with almost everything, but I’m not kidding when I say Peter, Paul and Mary’s Album 1700 is the perfect record for that type of thing.

And I know what you’re thinking: a folk band, big deal. But, “oh babe I hate to go, there are so many times I’ve let you down, so many times I’ve played around”; these are only a tiny percentage of the amazing lyrics and sounds that come from Peter, Paul and Mary’s 7th 1967 album. “I don’t want a lot of money, I don’t want a Playboy bunny”; the album starts off with “Rolling Home”, then takes us into a slow remembrance of someone’s love leaving them in the fan favorite “Leaving On a Jet Plane”.


Peter, Paul and Mary via last.fm

Album 1700 is just really the best happy-go-lucky music while still being sad at times, all while remaining up to the Peter, Paul and Mary folklore status (YES they’re folklore status.) My favorite song is definitely “I’m in Love With a Big Blue Frog”, mainly because of its silliness: “I know we can make things work/ he’s got good family since/ his mother was a frog from Philadelphia/ his daddy: an enchanted prince”, with the silly sound effects in the background going with the three singers’ flawless harmonies.

You can listen on Spotify, and you know, begin that month-long Peter, Paul and Mary kick that’s way long overdue.


1. “Rolling Home” – $
2. “Leaving on a Jet Plane” – $
3. “Weep for Jamie”
4. “No Other Name”
5. “The House Song”
6. “The Great Mandella (The Wheel of Life)”
7. “I Dig Rock N’ Roll Music” – $
8. “If I Had Wings”
9. “I’m in Love With a Big Blue Frog” – $
10. “Whatshername” – $
11. “Bob Dylan’s Dream” – $
12. “The Song is Love”

(photo via visual news

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