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SF-based startup SPROUTS brings the kids a summer camp of fun with NYC chefs

I get so excited when it comes to anything food, but will be the first to admit I do not get to cook at home all that much due to the fact I’m always out eating or working (or both!). So when Sprouts Cooking Club shouted on Twitter and invited me to experience their summer kids camp at Society Cafe with head fhef Chris Zabita, I knew I was in for an adventurous day with what ended up being some of the more brilliant young minds on the rise in NYC.

And what do you get when you take 10 or so young foodies, some even chefs themselves (they even had their own knife sets!), and the mere natural ingredients of market-to-table goodies from Union Square Market, with the guidance of much wiser chef masterminds? A full day of creating a meal literally from scratch, of course.

You wonder why a lot of chefs are perfectionists, sheesh; unless you have worked hands-on in a restaurant you probably would not know all the hard work it entails to make sure that perfectly-cooked juicy med rare steak ends up perfectly put together on your plate. That is exactly what Sprouts Cooking lets you experience, partnering with various restaurants in the city for a behind-the-scenes look at a chef’s life in a week-long camp.

Society Cafe ended up being the perfect place. Not only does the Walker Hotel have a unique history with its classic architecture and gorgeous skylight, but Chef Zabita and the team behind it all–everyone from the servers helping out, the photographers and producers capturing all of the moments—really made the day special with their work and personalities.

After the successful week of camp this summer, Sprouts will be expanding to NYC with more cooking classes and events including Birthday Party Culinary PackagesAfter-School Cooking Classes, and Summer/Winter camps.

Take a look at the slideshow below to explore behind-the-scenes:

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