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Route 6 protein bar: an atypical healthy delight with a #FixFood mission

Route 6 is about coming home, coming back to yourself, your right body, your right mind, and nourishing yourself with your right nutrition.” – Katelyn Collins, creator of Route 6 Protein Bar

It seems as if there are a series of events that lead me into meeting certain people, and it is always a little extra special when that said person shares your same name. By all of that I mean instances like my latest acquaintance Katelyn Collins (who I guess TECHNICALLY spells it a bit different than mine, but I still forgive her), who I happened to stumble upon at a local bakery in Hell’s Kitchen. We clicked right away (us Kaitlin/Katelyns have a way of doing that sort of thing), and she subtly spilled about her new protein bar via our conversation that went from theatre to nutrition bars in about six seconds. She proceeded to mention how her Route 6 bar was in the running for a contest. Well, she didn’t mention it was for MARTHA STEWART’s American Made Contest!!! The one and only person qualified to judge any sort of competition, by the way.

American Made is a chance for entrepreneurs, particularly in the arts and crafts realm of things (style, fashion, baking, etc.), to be honored en masse for their efforts in creating a product that isn’t just any old thing; these people have dedicated their time and efforts—sometimes for little to zero profit whatsoever—you know, simply for the love of it. And Katelyn’s creation, the Route 6 Protein Bar, is already a finalist in the running being awarded the 2014 Wildcard honor. Oh, and it also has a chance of taking the cake, which is really no wonder because when she graciously dropped off some samples within the first bite it felt like I was eating some sort of dessert (but one that also happened to be good for me!), a rarity among the protein bars on the market (anyone reading who has ever bought one of those last minute gas station bars know what I’m talking about: taste like total cardboard!).


Well, definitely not the case for Route 6. The great thing about the deliciously-tasting, also good for the bod organic bar is that its mission is based on Collins’ solution to her own unhealthy relationships with certain foods in the past, resulting in her path to clean eating and turning Route 6 into something very special (AND tasty! HELLOOO almond buttery goodness!). Her blending of all natural ingredients including raw almonds, raw cashews, coconut oil, cacao powder, dates, whey protein, raw honey, and Celtic sea salt–all things that contribute to a #FixFood mission: swapping out broken, processed foods for all natural, fixed foods.


To make the product even more perfect, Collins chose Route 6 as the name to pay a little homage to her Massachusetts roots along the bay, driving down the famous tree tunneled highway leading into Cape Cod, which might be one of the better drives in the States, as gorgeous and quaint as it is.

VOTE for Collins’ Route 6 Protein Bar for Martha Stewart’s American Made to make an East Coast girl’s healthy alternative for a chance to be on the market!

Follow American Made on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the contest that’s voting ends October 13.

(photos via Route 6 Protein Bar)


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