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#CatsAgainstCatCalling for #NationalCatDay: stop creepers from lurkin’ on the streets

It must be some sort of weird coincidence that it’s NATIONAL CAT DAY because just the other day while walking through one of New York’s few “alleyways” in Hell’s Kitchen I saw a throw up of the apparent full-out campaign “Cats against cat calling”, to which my feminist self very quickly responded, “YES PLEASE!!!”

As a woman living in New York the past year and before in college towns and even through the streets of Paris for a very brief moment, it was to be expected that there were creepers cat callin’ at some point in my lifetime. But seriously. Everywhere us ladies go we must fear the constant interruption of eager men’s incessant groping and as I like to coin it, “howling”—it’s like, C’MON NOW! Can’t us girls just walk by and hangout in peace? Can we just for a second walk by without feeling defensive? Why all the hecklin’, yo?

What makes it even more of a coincidence is the latest video released of the chick who apparently got catcalled over 100 TIMES in ONE day walking through New York. Which: isn’t even surprising, considering EVERYWHERE YOU GO the phenomenon is occurring. Leading me to believe the only resolution to the conflict at hand is to please, “gentlemen”: STOP THE CAT CALLIN’!

Needless to say I’m 100% on board with the whole idea that was apparently started by  or having something to do with ihollaback.org, a NYC-based organization for ending street harassment (there’s also a movie and a really dope soundtrack).

With all of this, I beg you all to please, please, PLEASE – give the ladies some peace, and HOLLA BACK to break the silence.

(sources: CNN & Instagram)

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