Psst: Eddie Money’s in the new GEICO commercial

When I saw the new GEICO commercial I not only laughed hysterically but just thought: wait, seriously? This is what it’s come down to (commercial making, I mean)? But if you know anything about anything, you’d notice a special someone appears unexpectedly: it’s Eddie Money!

This wouldn’t be the first time the insurance company snagged some famous singers for their ads; Little Richard and Burt Bacharach and the Pips also appeared in former commercials.

Money appears in an office where a family of four is sitting; he shows them a few pieces of paper and then starts singing, none other than, “Two Tickets to Paradise.” The family doesn’t seem to understand, trying to tell Money they are leaving next month, not that night, how they need four tickets, not two. But he just keeps on singin’.

I’m still wondering if he ever really did make it to paradise that night.

(via RTT News; photo via

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