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Condom innovation: a designer’s one-handed solution

Is there anything sexy about putting on a condom? Hmm… can’t think of one thing off the top of my head (unless you’re using the edible kind, of course). Everyone knows the unavoidable moment I’m talking about: you’re in the heat of the moment, things are about to get freaky, and–oh! The rubbery condom thingy that prevents us from AIDS and STDs, that ol’ thing. But what if you could save that 30 seconds that feels like an awkward hour with a one-step condom putting-on solution? Ah yes, lo and behold the one-handed condom wrapper, a time-saving entity worth bragging about.

Designer Ben Pawle, as a part of a research study for disabled people at Glasgow School of Art, created the condom wrapper so you can (with the help of a perforated seam) slip the protectant out with one hand, just like that!

I think it’s brilliant, whether you are disabled or just plain lazy (better a one-handed condom than a no condom at all, right?).

(via Dvice)

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