On the Tinder unmatch epidemic

It’s 2:00AM on a Sunday. You’re swiping, swiping, swiping—because that’s just what you DO late-night when you’re feelin’ a little frisky. After a few “It’s a Match!” notifications, you notice somebody that you might actually be into; like, holy effing SHIT, this guy looks good! So you message. He responds. Things are going great. It’s like: do you PLAN the wedding now, or…? Then, in the morning: POOF! He’s gone. You’ve just been UNMATCHED.

Normal aching pains of sadness immediately start to flow; let’s face it: you’re a little bit pissed (OK: hella pissed). You and this guy were supposed to go to Cape Cod for the weekend and meet your whole extended family and he was supposed to be your date to your brother’s wedding and—what the F*CK Tinder!!! Are there no decent human beings left in the universe?

At this point in time I am not going to pretend like I’ve never unmatched anyone; as a 26 year-old woman I’ve received countless gag-worthy messages that required an immediate unmatch. At the same time I’ve also experienced that gut-wrenching feeling of the Tinder Man of My Dreams unmatching me for straight up playing, being myself. And I’d like to think of myself as a semi-decently good-looking woman who isn’t TOO terrible.

Unfortunately in the grand scheme of things, Tinder has pretty much ruined dating forever. So I advise you, Tinder user, to not get discouraged about getting unmatched. STAY STRONG and keep swiping, because chances are you will land on another babe somewhere in the next 15-20 swipes who will appreciate your pics AND personality (even if it means corny jokes).

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Kaitlin Duffy is a writer from Cleveland. When she's not blogging or pondering the great complexities of the world and outer space, she is finding rare vinyl steals, visiting new places, laughing often, Instagramming everything in sight, watching movies, or working on her first feature Port de Cleve.