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How Cats Took Over the Internet at Museum of the Moving Image

When exactly did it happen? The Internet cat sensation, that is. I don’t have any distinct memories that don’t include cat memes somewhere (or cat videos, or cat T-shirts, or cat everything). Now in a uniquely collaborative exhibit, the Museum of the Moving Image is putting on How Cats Took Over the Internet, starting August 1st.

There won’t be any chance of FOMOing, as this catterific exhibit will run through January of next year, leaving you ample opportunities to see the feline-specific display of everything from cat videos, making your very own cat meme, take a look at our “critical cuteness”, and a very special screening of Cat-vant Garde on October 10th. Expect to leave the museum with full knowledge of the history of cats, perhaps pinpointing where it all began.


(source: amny.com)

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