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New York City Art in the Park: a series of works more enjoyable as springtime enfolds

A lot of New York City is in the parks alone, at least for me as a newb to the enormous and park-filled city. But as the last of the days of winter enfold upon us in this increasingly periodic 50 degree weather, we begin to look forward to what’s to come from NYC Parks and Rec’s ART IN THE PARKS. And I knew right away when I heard there were over 20 works (and likely more), I was destined to keep up and photograph most of them to share with my more than reachable distant friends outside of the city via Instagram (and of course, Loop).

Yesterday was the last day of the 60 foot display “Analogia” by New York native Ben Tritt at the entrance of Bryant Park on 42nd Street, so I decided to take a stroll on over to Mid-town where this amazing piece that stands over you alongside the backdrop of many buildings squaring in this particular park. I was really glad I did, as you can see below the work is astounding “1.5 miles of bamboo, 200 gallons of tar and enamel, 600 yards of burlap, and 30,000 pounds of steel” that makes up this towering installation.


Shortly after I realized another piece was not too far of a walk away I ventured up Fifth Avenue to Central Park East to view “Clouds” by Olaf Breuning. Which: DEFINITELY worth a see, its poached clouds reflecting those real white puffs all the way up there.




This is only a little tiny slice of what’s happening all around Manhattan, The Bronx, and Brooklyn, so next time you’re out in the city plan a little detour to the park and see some Art in the Park that’s been a part of the city life since the 60s, when New York decided its commitment would be none other than letting artists use the city’s space as an arena for the arts.

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