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Looking renewed for season 2 and nothing bad is ever allowed to happen to Patrick ever

With Looking about 7 episodes in and nothing really goin’ DOWN as of yet (things have been considerably tame, minus the leather vest at pride, awkward OKCupid dates, and Grindr hookups—OK and the hooker CJ), I can’t help but wonder about a future heartbreaking thing happening to Patrick. I know, I know: you don’t even want to think about it; the thought of something bad happening to our totally adorable and sweet main character breaks me. So new rule, Looking: nothing bad is ever allowed to happen to Patrick. EVER (I’m serious!). Which: what is there to really say about the mysterious papi Richie that’s randomly come about and now is apparently OFFICIAL with Patrick as of the two’s announcement in an IPA-filled Saturday at Dolores Park? If you remember anything about episode 4 you’d recall the awkwardly nonchalant dropping of Richie’s ex having HIV that he talked WAY too casually about for my liking. Not saying that, “OMG, he’s going to give Patrick HIV,” but… but… I just worry! And I don’t know if I am totally sold on Richie quite yet (though I GUESS the two are really cute together, especially after the whole necklace thing). Though, Agustín was a total dick to Richie despite being Patrick’s longstanding best friend (who does that, seriously?). I mean, he’s one to TALK, paying CJ 200 something dollars to “hang out”.

Dom apparently can’t get anything right as to what he’s looking for, accidentally ruining the business-like vibes momentarily between him and his hopefully soon-to-be restaurant partner Lynn by going in for a kiss. But he CAN get some recognition via the Grindr scene while sippin’ a beer at the park, so he’s got that going for him at the ripe young age of 40. I’m excited for Dom’s entrepreneurial ventures in future episodes, and am curious if the two will develop a lifelong relationship via the spirit of good food. I just wish he’d stop pouting around and listen to Doris more, because the sulkin’s gotta go.

The show, which was recently picked up for a #LookingSeason2, will officially have time to fully develop its characters and story (thank GOD!) with more episodes to come. People were arguing that the show was “too boring”, or “too slow”, but I actually appreciate the pace of the show and how the creators chose to evolve the guys.

(photo via Richie)

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