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Loop’s Summer Riffage: warm weather jams to get you in the mood

O, sweet summertime. The sun is shining (well, sometimes…), and all seems sweet in these mid-June days that will eventually turn into those awful dreaded end-of-the-summer blues that usually start surfacing come the end of July. But don’t worry, there’s still time. And though it does always seem to go by way too fast, I can always count on certain songs to perfectly accompany those warm weather months.

A mix somewhere between totally flipping awesome and oh shit god dayyum these are the greatest jams ever, this summer playlist is not for the mere contemporary pop lover. Oh no. It’s mostly throwbacks and I guess a few new ones thrown in the mix—songs that, you know, are just summer songs; they give you that deep longed-for summery feeling (also on Spotify for your listening pleasure).

 TLC – “Baby, Baby, Baby”

I dunno what it is – something about that TLC Tip that got me all “Baby, Baby, Baby….yeahhh, yeahh..”

  Paul McCartney feat. Richard Niles Orchestra – “Blue Sway”

Maybe it’s the complete on-pointness of the Niles Orchestra sax, or because it’s straight off one of the greatest albums of all time McCartney II— “Blue Sway” will have you a swayin’. Oh, and fun little fact: McCartney hired one of the best underwater surf directors in the WORLD to do the video this song.

 Blondie – “I Know But I Don’t Know”

Well despite what the song’s title might say, I DO know that this song is rockin’, and that Blondie vinyls are best heard on hot summer afternoons at home (with wine).

 Blood Orange – “You’re Not Good Enough”

Dev Hynes’ style and mix is one of the most distinct out there right now, not to mention the music video for this song put together by Gia Coppola will have you wanting on a dance floor immediately (EVEN if you don’t really dance that often; it’s that good.)

 Donna Summer – “Bad Girls”

Leave it to the original Disco Queen to produce a song as funky and bad ass as “Bad Girls” off the album of the very same name. This 1979 track will have you questioning staying in on a summer night.

 Ohio Players – “Roller Coaster”

Almost every Ohio Players song could be considered a “summer” song (and maybe even a sex song) because they’re just so. Damn. Smooth. But the roller coaster of love is at its highest peak between June and August (pretty sure that’s a proven fact), and, uhh, jump on for the riiide.

Indeep – “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”

Not the version you might be thinking, this oldie that’s made its comeback numerous times in dance clubs all over the world, listening will actually make you consider giving a DJ a chance for one night. Maybe…

 Rose Royce – “Car Wash”

If a summer song could be bottled up and manufactured to the world, it would be while workin’ at the car wash, yeah—car wash, workin’ at the car wash yeah.

 Eric B. and Rakim – “What’s On Your Mind”

The duality of Eric B. and Rakim and their way too sexy sensibility found in every single one of their songs is felt so hard on this track it’s just like: ahh, wanna know what’s on your miiind.

 Eddy Grant – “Electric Avenue”

You know the song. And if you REALLY know Eddy Grant, you KNOW the dreads. But “Electric Avenue” is a classic summer jam time and I suggest that you please get on that Grant vibe immediately.

 Donovan – “Cosmic Wheels”

It is required that you be driving at speeds exceeding 65MPH if you want to listen to this song at maximum enjoyability.

 Bee Gees – “Night Fever”

This is the song you want your future wife/husband to pick you up for on a hot date. Or just driving around alone on those late summer nights. Either way.

 A$AP Rocky – “Fashion Killa”

Admit it. You’re a fashion’ killa (or maybe not really), walkin’ down the street in those designer jeans (OK fine, Levi’s) straight killin’ it on the regular. You want this song to go with that unmistakable feeling.

REO Speedwagon – “Keep On Loving You”

Ah. REO. There’s no stretch of summertime road that doesn’t accompany a good Speedwagon track, and I know it’s a hit but this song sparks MAGIC.

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