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Kebab is Life: a Turkish x Berlin street food inspired spot is now open in Brooklyn

The best thing about food is that it always comes from somewhere. So when two different cultures intersect in the best possible way ever, you get really awesome cuisines like the Döner Kebab at Kotti Berliner Döner that recently opened their first standalone brick and mortar location near Barclays Center on Dean Street with a close proximity to Downtown Brooklyn in New York City.

Founder Erkan Emre grew up in Berlin where he got to enjoy the food as a child; he was making the Döner Kebabs at Smorgasburg originally to get in touch with his German and Turkish roots after not being able to find anywhere in NYC to satisfy his cravings. When the feedback was a huge success, it eventually lead to this Brooklyn opening and other pop-up locations at popular places like Dekalb Market Hall and Essex Market.

The heart of the kebab is of course found in the rotating spit, where the Döner aka spiced meat is sliced off into either the classic Döner Kebab or other variations such as the cone, taco, or bowl. Then you have your choice of a colorful mix of rice pilaf, fresh roasted vegetables, and the various flavored sauces that will have your mouth watering.

If you happen to be in the area stop by for one of the popular Berlin x Turkish style foods paired with a nice cold Schöfferhofer beer or sparkling wine to experience German culture for a moment within the streets of BK.

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