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Is the world ready for the Björk Retrospective at MoMa?

There is only a certain amount of shock that musicians or whoever it might be can bring us anymore, but Björk is always fighting back and finding some sort of way to continuously leave us all like, “WTF Bjork, really!?!?”–something I value and respect in any artist, especially a super rad chick whose freaking name is Björk!!!

But now in a rare chance to see the Retrospective of over 20 years of her craziness, MoMa is exhibiting two decades of outfits and other relics from various collaborations in an exhibition titled very simply: Björk. The new exhibit will run from March 8- June 7, which seems surprisingly short for someone who seems to have probably one of the more extensive careers you would think Björk would run forever.

We’re not sure if there is a way out of going to see the fabulous woman’s Retrospective who always has everyone talking; it seems as if she’s so damn cool in the scene she has even been seen chillin at Bushwick’s most hip establishments rockin’ out.

So I ask you this, world: ARE you ready for the Bjork Retrospective at MoMa? Like, do you think you can even take it? One month left ’till the opening. See you there (we suggest wearing a helmet!)


(via MoMa; photos via Phaidon & Spin)

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