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Into the Bottle: SOMM doc gets a sequel and it’s gonna be sick

“Is it really just grapes?”

Okay so what the hell. I am scrolling through Twitter on a seemingly normal day and I come to realize that one of my favorite documentaries is getting a sequel. For those of you not hip with the doc realm, in 2013 Jason Wise released his first feature film SOMM showing us the crazy never-before-seen footage of 4 men’s journey in becoming Master Sommeliers, all while capturing the very many wine-abundant landscapes in towns all over Europe to really enhance the viewing experience (like: can I just live in the Tuscan lands and drink prime Bordeaux on a hammock for the rest of my days?!?).

The movie ended up being a big hit, even reaching #1 on the iTunes Doc list, and now Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired the rights to make part II, SOMM: Into the Bottle. Which: is there any better title to give a wine movie? It’s like a WAY better, drunker version of Into the Wild. 

This time around, part II will divulge more on an exclusive insider’s look at the wine industry—literally, what goes “into the bottle”—and of course, it will most likely be a hell of a lot of fun, as SOMM really made me laugh the first time. I really can’t wait to see what these guys come up with; there are still so many questions in #1: catching up with what the four guys are up to now after their strenuous journey in achieving Master Somm status, and #2: learning even more than I ever thought I could know about wine and its very multifaceted world that’s demand has been never-ending since longer than we even know.

Watch the teaser trailer below and be on the lookout for SOMM: Into the Bottle sometime this year. And if you haven’t already, watch SOMM on Netflix or iTunes or order the DVD on Amazon.

(via Eater)

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