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Gold: now available in other colors than gold

You’ve probably seen one or two guys on a local street corner holding up those “WE GIVE CASH FOR GOLD” signs, outside of places where grannies sell their molar crowns (yum!) and thieves try to slang gold chains–the precious metal has been sought after since we’ve ever known. So if the gold phenomenon alone wasn’t enough for ya, now you can get the stuff in every color ever via a new technology that alters the surface of the element.

Now patented officially by who Dvice is nicknaming the “boffins from Southampton University,” the coloring process is actually quite simple. By tweaking the height, depth, and pattern of gold, the scientists were able to make it so any color is achievable via the reflection of the sun, with the help from some ion beams.

Gold isn’t the only metal that’s able to take on multi colors; virtually every metal ever is capable of this chameleon-like feature because science is smooth like that.

Next thing you know, black will be available in pink and red, while still retaining its blackest qualities.


(via Dvice)

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