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Glass blower recreates nature with glass-blown hermit crab shells

Never was it more clear (no pun intended, swear) why these alien-like crustaceans are called hermits. With these glass-blown shells crafted by Robert DuGrenier, the crabs naturally take a liking to them, as they accommodate the exact contours of their body. And we’re able to see just what they’ve been up to in there (and it doesn’t look too pretty).

DuGrenier’s works all somehow mimic nature, and his pieces have been displayed worldwide ranging anywhere from land and hermit crab shells (some even with silver and 24-karat gold!) to glass terrarium sculptures.

The glass blown shell also gives hope for a healthier hermit crab lifestyle. Recently they’ve been having trouble finding the appropriate accommodations all on their own due to a shortage of habitable shells, so I’m sure they’d be much appreciative of a new glass pad. Not to mention the shells serve a great purpose for those nerds who plan on spending a good amount of time studying some hermit crab evolution.

(via inhabitat & Dvice)

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