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CLUB JERSEY, baby (plus: DJ K-Deucez’ The Calm obsession)

Somethin’ in my bones has got me hooked on DJ K-Deucez’ 15-track album THE CALM. From start to finish the whole thing’s genre-mixing tracklist will take you on a journey from old school Missy all the way to Drake’s accidental “Hotline Bling” superhit from just a couple months ago (which: you can’t even hate it!).

I came across the mix browsing through ClubJersey’s site, which is a fabulous label curating some of my favorite mixes to date (like the Michael Jackson PYT mix you totally gotta check).

In an interview with ClubJersey K-Deucez commented on The Calm:

“I wanted to keep the mood very mellow and easy to listen to. I rarely listened to other club producers, which means I don’t need to draw from them for inspiration. For these remixes I drew from other influences, but it’s also why my sound is my own, the remixes on the mixtape were purely from the mind of K-Deucez.”

Enjoy this new new from DJ K-Deucez from start to finish as recommended.

(via ClubJersey)

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