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Attention Vine nuts and filmmakers alike: the #6SECFILMS contest could get you in the Tribeca Film Fest spotlight

Vine sorda took us all by storm when the video making app debuted this January; this was an exciting chance for film peeps to really show off their stuff in a mere six second span—similar to the Twitter phenomenon of only having 140 characters to express your inner most personal thoughts and best wits (or you know, best dick jokes.) And it’s no surprise that the social media site did in fact develop this glorious technology.

It’s like the Instagram for movies. By pressing your finger down on your screen to record as you please (by letting go the video pauses) you have a chance to show the world your videographer skills. In six seconds.

Now it doesn’t sound like much, but you’d be surprised with what the Vine obsessed come up with (consider Paper Mag’s 9 Vine accounts to follow)—some pretty amazing (and funny) stuff!

So if you’re not already jazzed enough about the Vine app, here’s how you can take the joy of recording these mini videos even further, in the #6SECFILMS contest put on by Tribeca:

1) Make an awesome Vine:

You know the drill. Record a Vine that tells a story from beginning to end. “Embracing the Vinely qualities of looping, time manipulation, etc. will give you even more of [an advantage],” according to the Tribeca Film Fest. This is your chance to really get creative; don’t just post 6 seconds of your dog chewing on your sister’s barbie doll (though that would be sort of hilarious.) Get cinematic! 

2) Tag said Vine:

Along with tagging #6SECFILMS, you will also categorize your film based on the following categories:

#GENRE: Is your Vine a Western? Is it an epic Sci-fi adventure? A hilarious comedy? A terrifying bloodbath of horror? Tag your Vine as #GENRE accordingly.

#AUTEUR: Do you have a vision that you’re dying to share with the world, a unique, personal story? Do tell!

#ANIMATE: Nuff said. Are you an animator extraordinaire? Show ’em what you got!

#SERIES: Alright, 6 seconds isn’t exactly the longest amount of time. Do you have a few Vines that go together to complete a series (like, not just an 18 second story)? Submit a trilogy, defining in the title which episode it is (1/1, 2/3. 3/3.)

3) Follow @TribecaFilmFest on the Twitter:

Do it! Follow @TribecaFilmFest so if you win they can DM you the good news when your Vine wins.

4) Tweet Tribeca your creation:

So you’re already following the fest at this point, now tweet them your Vine. DON’T FORGET to hashtag #6SECFILMS AND your video’s best-fitting category (#GENRE, #AUTEUR, #ANIMATE, #SERIES.) You can submit as many as you like, except you cannot submit the same film in more than one category. You have about a week left to submit (deadline is April 7, at 11:59PM). The programming team at Tribeca will review submissions, choosing a number of films to display on the Tribeca Film Festival website the week of 4/17/2013 (here are the official rules for more contest specs.)

I’m glad the uber-short short category is being recognized in a competition like this and I’m excited to see who will make the final cut.

Winners will receive $600–aka 100 bucks for each second–along with being showcased on the site. Pretty sweet deal.

Best of luck, Vine nuts!

(via Vine via Tribeca Film)

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