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“Apple Store Prank”, and other reasons to get into Tyler Fischer’s comedy

“This one has SO much Cloud it actually turned into a Puddle…”

The thing about the vast space of the Internet is that sometimes all the unfilterable bullsh*t makes it hard to find stuff that’s ACTUALLY funny. But then there’s times something really truly good finds its way through everything and suddenly there’s the whole going viral thing, exposing a new face in comedy we might have never seen before. And that’s exactly what happened the other day when I came across Tyler Fischer’s “Apple Store Prank” video on PrankRiot that you probably already saw on The Huff Post the other day (it has like, 90,000+ hits!). Right after punking well-intentioned Apple customers on their way to thinking next Monday Apple’s in fact coming out with the “5QZR” , he also made a follow-up video with a funny case of narcolepsy on the MTA (along with many other previous vids on his YouTube).

Fischer, who performs regularly and has a history of acting, can be found at his website tylerfischer.com and also on the Twitter. Oh, and he’s really great!

Watch his very cleverly hilarious “Apple Store Prank”.

(photo via iPhone Canada)

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