A Nielsen rating…for Twitter!


Over the past couple of years live tweeting our favorite TV shows has sorda become a “thing” (what would watching Homeland even mean if it weren’t for all the funny tweets happening?). And well, it’s all pretty fun and exciting. But the way tweeting is ingrained into television watching has Twitter partners asking for more than to just see these tweets. Now, TV-related tweets will become an industry-standard metric, aka the “Nielson Twitter TV Rating.”

President of Global Media Products and Advertiser Solutions at Nielson Steve Hasker announced that, “The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating is a significant step forward for the industry, particularly as programmers develop increasingly captivating live TV and new second-screen experiences, and advertisers create integrated ad campaigns that combine paid and earned media[.] […] As a media measurement leader we recognize that Twitter is the preeminent source of real-time television engagement data.”

The analytics will be available via SocialGuide (acquired by Nielsen and NM Incite), an organization that currently gathers statistics for all programming in the United States for over 36,000 shows.

Back in October Nielsen launched the Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings, incorporating data from ESPN, Facebook, Hulu and some things called GroupM and Unilever–a definite start to the inevitable Internet TV marriage that is now unveiled as the Nielsen Twitter TV rating.

I was wondering when they’d finally recognize Internet’s existence!

(via Twitter; photo via The Review Crew)

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