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10 reasons why everyone secretly wishes they were a Cavs fan right now

While everyone was busy paying attention to the Warriors’ near-perfect regular season record and talking about how the Spurs were going all the way this year somewhere in the dark trenches of a Facebook comment section—SNOOZING on my Cavs—I was busy watching pretty much all of the regular season Cleveland games in NYC via any various European sports streaming website (it’s rough out here for a gal) living vicariously texting / Snapchatting all my friends back home in #TheLand (not to mention, listening to everyone on the East Coast talk shit to me while I sported my Cavs hats).

Over the holidays I even got to go home for a few games at The Q, along with an always fun annual Cavs vs Knicks at The Garden /  Cavs vs Nets at Barclay’s Center in NYC. Which, I’ll admit: I was a LITTLE bit worried after that March Nets loss.

It seemed after that game though there was some sort of 180 degree turn in the team’s ball movement / overall play; I believe the same night Coach Lue told Love he is a “bad a$$ mother f*cker”, which has never been more evident than now in the playoffs (I have never doubted the B.A.M.F.-ness of Love, either; he is a total beast.)

Regardless of what the usual critics said, I always knew the Cavs’ potential would eventually mold into the “it’s raining 3’s” / record-breaking team they have now evolved into—a totally different one than back in 2015-early 2016.

And damn has it been fun to watch!

So if you’re not a Cleveland Cavaliers fan (yet), it’s fine to secretly want to be one. Really, I understand completely.

1) King James

Having LeBron James play for your city’s NBA basketball team is pretty surreal. Sometimes I forget how spoiled Cleveland actually is, having One of the Greats (he’s been to The Finals 6 years in a row) rep the city so well with a team full of absolute pros to back him up. It’s such a blessing for Cavs fans who have watched over the years and experienced the journey leading up to this amazing point of playoff basketball. What is also incredible is how one single human being can have such an impact of greatness on the league, the game, and of course…with his shoe designs that are always #KickGameCray.

2) Lil’ Kev


I’m not sure when exactly, but recently a certain K Love “doppelganger” who was seen in a Tommy Bahama advertisement has taken over the Cavs locker room, SnapChat, Twitter (which: #FreeLilKev), a *verified* Insta account, and now in T-shirt form as JR Smith was seen sporting one at practice recently. For whatever reason, the whole thing is ridiculously funny and you can catch the adventures of Lil’ Kev on Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat (which also happens to be one of the reasons you should want to be a Cavs fan).

3) Threeveland

ICYMI, along with droppin’ dimes the Cavs broke some pretty impressive playoff shooting records including the post-season record for 3-pointers made in a game (22, after 18 in the first half vs the Hawks in round 2) and most attempted 3’s in a post season game (27). The all-time regular season record for 3’s made is 23, so not too far off from topping that one, either. Oh, and now you can get this “Threeveland” logo in T-shirt form via Great Lakes Sports Clothing Company (who also now sell Lil’ Kev shirts, apparently).

4) Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat

Ever wish you could see your fav Cavs players off the court getting silly? Of course you do. All fans wish they were BFFs with the guys on their team, and via Richard Jefferson’s Snap you can *sort* of get the experience of what it’s like to party in Kevin Love’s basement, have an adult dance party with the Cavs squad, get a glimpse of the Cavs’ #KOTD, get held up at Canadian customs with LeBron and TTop, revisit RJ dunk highlights, or you know, ride shotgun with Lil’ Kev.



If anyone’s having a breakout season, it’s JR Smith. Not only can you catch him on Vice talking tats, but you can also see him shooting mad 3s at any various basketball arena swooshing like it’s his job (well, I guess it is kind of his job, but still!). Smith’s shooting, especially over the past couple of months, has been particularly outstanding; it has been said JR’s role for the Cavs is to put the right amount of fear in the opponent with one of his weapons being his dead-on 3.

6) Cleveland fans are some of the best in the NBA


Maybe I am a bit bias being born and raised in Cleveland, but fans in The Land are some of the most amazing humans on this Earth. If any team’s following would appreciate a championship win the most, it’s definitely Northeastern Ohio.

7) The Cavs are HOT right now

You can’t even front. The Cavs are HOT. 11-2 in the playoffs with a handful of wins left to go to get the ring, there’s a reason why the guys are celebrating in the locker room pouring water on Coach Lue after games.

8) Kyrie and Kev are baaaack:

It broke my heart last year when Love and Irving both took some serious hits with their injuries leaving the Big Three down to just One, as obviously these two play *such* a major role in the Cavaliers team. Let’s just say everyone’s more than glad to have them back for some #UnfinishedBusiness.

9) It’s actually considered cool to be a Cavs fan:

Even while I was vacationing in Puerto Rico during the West Coast roadtrip in January, I still managed to find a TV for the Spurs game. It’s honestly CRAZY how many people I met who were Cavs / LeBron James fans on the island—even a random guy sitting next to me at the bar happened to have his background set as a photo of The King (in a Heat jersey, but still). REAL RECOGNIZE REAL, ya heard?

10) Being a Cavs fan requires loyalty, which is rare these days:


How many people do you actually know who stay loyal to their team? Sure there might be lot, but nowadays anyone can just jump on the bandwagon and become a fan. But in Cleveland, we love our sports teams SO much we are willing to stick around 50 or so years to grip that chip.

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