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Your Sunday nights are about to get way better again

I know, you miss getting quiche with Ja’mie Private School Girl and hanging out in the Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit with your new favorite comedy trio in Getting On. Last season’s HBO Sunday lineup had us hooked from the get-go (fingers crossed both get a season 2!), and we’ve just really been missing our Sundays these past few weeks.

But in light of a new year and new era of shows we have TRUE DETECTIVE premiering tonight at 9PM, followed by a double episode season 3 premiere of GIRLS. So you know that post-holiday depression that ALMOST got to you? Well it’s about to be erased away and this awkward in-between phase will soon be forgotten forever.

In the meantime (there’s still about 9 more hours left to go) you can catch up on HBO 2 with a day-long GIRLSATHON (in case you haven’t added them on the Snap you should probably also go and do that).


And if you thought that was it, you were wrong: LOOKING will premiere next Sunday at 10:30PM in place of tonight’s second GIRLS episode. So good luck getting work done the next seven Sundays, is all I’m saying.

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