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How to stop worrying and start loving Dads

At the beginning of the end for a lot of shows this season during press tours, one comedy Dads received somewhat of a bashing (I too joked along with the negative reviews, tweeting awful Dads jokes like some Internet monster), particularly BuzzFeed’s totally unfair and ridiculous piece claiming the new show was in fact “evil” (it’s not). And OK, I didn’t LOVE the pilot, but besides Twin Peaks and maybe a few others what show really does have a totally amazing first episode? Any religious TV watcher knows most shows take time to really seem sure of themselves.

But it was during episode 5 where Warner’s (Giovanni Ribisi) doctor’s finger got stuck up his ass during father-son physical appointments when Dads found itself; you could tell the producers and cast were working hard to steer people away from the media’s snarky press—simply wanting to bring us all a good show. Which they have, and Dads being extended to a full 22 episode season has everything to do with that.

And how could a show called Dads be bad? Think about the material here. To stage the show’s ultimate dadness, there’s Martin Mull (Crawford) and Peter Riegert (David) as the crazy/lazy dads, along with Seth Green (Eli) and Giovanni Ribisi (Warner) as the tortured business partners/sons. Problems are constantly arising due to to the fact Peter and David don’t do shit despite living for free (although Crawford briefly thinks he works at the two’s video game company), annoying loved ones in their sons’ lives like Eli’s trusted maid Edna (Tonita Castro) and Warner’s wife Camilla (Vanessa Lachey).

Dads is on a bye-week due to an X-Factor special but will air its 7th episode “Foul Play” on Tuesday, November 5th at 8PM. Expect funny.

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