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“WHERE IS HOFFA?”: Netflix official Irishman Little Italy takeover

I am lucky enough to live a 20 minute train ride from some of the most iconic streets in film history: most located in Manhattan’s Little Italy; it’s no coincidence some of the best food is also located within these 5 blocks.

To promote the new Irishman movie, which takes place on some of those very same streets, Netflix took over the neighborhood filling the area with actors shouting, “WHERE’S HOFFA?!” to go along with the storyline, fully transporting the area back to 1975 with fun newspaper stands, old cars, and groovy costumes.

For people who knew about the campaign, there seemed to be a huge bonus if “you’re a friend of Jimmy’s”—who in the movie is a regular at some of the most longstanding shops and bakeries in the whole city, some exceeding a whole century of business in New York City. Guests using the secret passphrase, “I’m a friend of Jimmy’s” will receive secret menu items featured in The Irishman.

Sal’s: classic slice

Mulberry Wine & Liquor: Custom chianti

Alleva Cheese and Dairy: cheesy rice balls

Manero’s: more slices

Parisi: the jimmy fried cutlet

Di Palo Fine Foods: garlic mozzarella knots

Parm: “the irish” roast beef sandwich

Make sure to tune in on November 27th for the official release of The Irishman. Netflix Food will also be featuring the full-length takeover starring yours truly.

Watch me take on the full tour in Manhattan with Netflix Food. And don’t forget: just tell them you’re a friend of Jimmy’s.

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