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What’s going on with Neil Gaiman’s American Gods HBO series?

“Five thousand years ago the lobes of the brain fused and before that people thought when the right lobe of the brain said anything it was the voice of some god telling them what to do. It’s just brains.”

-Neil Gaiman, American Gods 

Oh. My. God. I love American Gods! You know, Neil Gaiman’s reputable (and mythological!) 2002 fantasy novel that’s detail is so perfectly put you’re imagining every scene right to the T. Based on my own visions I couldn’t help but think, “oh my GOD, Gaiman should totally make this into a movie!”

And you know that saying that basically says, “oh. Good idea. But someone already thought that 8 years ago”? Well that definitely happened. As I turned to fellow Google to see what could be going on with a possible American Gods production of some sort, sure enough, HBO is turning the masterpiece into a TV series (it was announced in 2011.)

It’s due out next year sometime, and the most recent article I came across said Gaiman had nothing specific to say about what was going on. And that was last month! 2013 is approaching, so I’m itching to know who’s playing who, et al. I did read Gaiman was interested in casting Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock,” who has black and Samoan heritage, as the main protagonist Shadow. But as far as that minor detail and the fact HBO is behind the series, nothing else is really known.

So Gaiman, we’re dying to know: what’s the deal?

If you aren’t familiar with Gaiman’s works, he’s a pretty busy guy. American Gods is his fourth prose novel following Good Omens, Neverwhere, and Stardust. He also does stuff like write episodes for Doctor Who and record audio books of short stories for Halloween (and charity!). He has received numerous awards such as the Hugo, the Carnegie Medal for Literature, the Newbery Medal, and the Bram Stoker. You can follow him @neilhimself on Twitter.

(photo via Comics Alliance)

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