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What do Major League Baseball and Salvador Dali have in common?

Alex Rodriguez! Better known as “A Rod,” this New York Yankee has been selected among millions of people in the world to play Salvador Dali’s assistant and famous drag queen Potassa in the future biopic The Surrealist directed by Philippe Mora (The Gertrude Stein Mystery or Some Like it Art, Howling III).

Mora told The New York Post that ““It’s quite a good idea and has a serious side to it [.] […] Dali was obsessed with baseball. Walt Disney used to take him to [games]. At first it sounds hilarious, but it’s a serious [offer].” It had been said that he was chosen for the role due to A Rod’s undeniably “nice legs”–just like Dali’s “factotum social secretary.”

We don’t know whether or not Rodriguez
will seal the deal to prance around the big screen as the famous companion and assistant to Dali, but looking at the two a little bit closer it might be a perfect side job (those legs!). We understand being a professional baseball player on a multi million dollar contract must take up the majority of one’s time, so we could see how he would be quick to turn down the offer, but…please? When have you seen a professional baseball take on a major role in cinema other than movies about baseball?

When A Rod’s not dealing with Hollywood approaching him for acting roles, he continues to achieve Major League Baseball breakthroughs, like during the 3rd inning at today’s New York Yankees Home Opener when he hit his 285th home run that would tie him with former Yankee Ken Griffey Jr.

He did tell ESPN that “[f]or [him], it’s all about health and feeling good. There’s no question in my mind that if I’m healthy and have my legs under me that I can play at a high level and help the team win.” So there’s no reason why he can’t use those legs to play Potassa too, right?

(source: Cinema Blend; photos via TumblrSports Illustrated)

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