We love Real Estate

Not that kind, but we hadn’t heard a good ‘new’ album in what seems like forever, then we heard Real Estate—the band. Their harmonic lyrics like, “all those wasted miles/ all those aimless drives/ our careless lifestyle/ it was not so unwise/ no,” threaded with the light guitar, keys, and drums make for an often times psychedelic beach rock listening experience, sure to take you somewhere—whether in the “endless summer under palm trees,” or “on a stoney beach/ watching the sea.”

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Real Estate debuted their self-titled album in 2009, followed by Reality in 2010—eventually leading into releasing Days in 2011, which we were lucky enough to come across per happenstance.

And while we most certainly dig the tunes, they also seem to be quite hilarious— their first official music video for “It’s Real,” directed by Weird Days, which looks like part of it was filmed at my Grandma’s old house, is a mix between their jams alongside a variety of canines, some with bowties: “Oooohhh-oh-ohhh, it’s real.”

You can catch ‘em rolling through Cleveland at the Beachland Ballroom, Saturday, February 21, headlining with Babies, Herzog, DJ Kevin Saves, and DJ Tanner Spin; reserve a ticket for $14 on ticketweb.com, or grab one at the door.

After Cleveland it looks like they’re headed to DC, making way back to NY to prepare for February and March, where the band will be hitting all parts of the globe, including a number of UK cities, Belgium, Paris, and Australia. Follow Real Estate on Twitter and check their site for official updates.

We’re stoked to hear what’s to come from these guys, and are glad to have come across some great new music.

(photo via Proxart)

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