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Veggie burgers, bacon-wrapped hotdogs, and the best FRYDAY ever at Harlem Shake

When one thinks of New York City a few things to come to mind: skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty, the seemingly endless grid of one-way streets, legendary ma and pa diners; there are certain things that can only be attributed to the city, and there’s definitely something to be said about NYC landmark burger joints such as HARLEM SHAKE.

East Harlem can now look forward to grubbing out at the new location on 2nd Avenue at 111th Street (the original location is on 124th) with menu items such as a bacon-wrapped hotdog (yes, it’s true), truffle fries, signature red velvet chocolate milkshakes (the original!), and of course: the smash-style burgers and other sandwiches with funny names that will have you ordering “The Model Chick” for lunch. Oh, and there is a veggie burger for all the vegetarians out there and it was surprisingly my favorite that I tried.

Right when you walk in you get that old school diner feel except unique to Harlem’s history uptown with customized decor. There is even a “Luke Cage-themed bathroom in a timely celebration of Marvel’s Netflix release:

If you want to experience one of the best smash-style burgers of your life or are just trying to have the best Fryday ever, I would definitely hop on a train up to Harlem Shake to experience this greatness on your own.

The Harlem Shake’s original red velvet shake:

A bacon-wrapped hotdog that is ASAP-approved:

Fried plantains, because you really *can* have it all at Harlem Shake:

Salads galore for the vegan and vegetarians who might not really be down for a pigskin classic (kale cesar; mixed greens):

For a place that’s known for their burgers, I would say the hotdogs ain’t too bad either (especially when they have cherry pepper and bacon relish):

“The Model Chick” with grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, bacon, and crushed Ruffles:

“The Pigskin Classic” that’s simply delicious with pork rinds:

As you can already tell (if your mouth wasn’t watering already) Harlem Shake is probably the best spot for munchies in Harlem (if not all five boroughs), so what are you doing waiting? Smash-style burgers and FRYDAY awaits you.

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