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Veep season 3 has us excited: “Some New Beginnings” review

“A good campaign manager always has to think one phone ahead”

There is a rumor of a rumor that the President of the United States will NOT be running for re-election. Meaning: YES, Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is now a potential candidate. And thanks to that asshole Jonah (Timothy C. Simons) who FINALLY got his handed to him after too soonly releasing on his PERSONAL BLOG whilst on the job the news, now the whole world knows (uhh conflict of interest much?) and the “West Wing is a buzz like a fly in a shithouse.”

And talk about the stress levels of a book signing! All the crazy Iowans coming to see Selina in honor of her new autobiography “Some New Beginnings” (that no, isn’t a Star Wars reference): proving people are in fact crazy sociopaths making butter molds in the shape of their state and asking bizarre questions like “what’s your favorite word?”, reminding you that AMERICA IS WATCHING at every moment.

This is also the first time Meyer has been without her backbone trifecta, “fluffing caucus goers for the presidential run” nevertheless, but while the crew is off seeing Mike (Mike McLintock) marry the love of his life, the morale is (for just a moment) that sometimes you just gotta shut off your phone to celebrate love for five minutes (given that you have a backup hidden in your underpants, of course).

Through all of this Amy (Anna Chlumsky) and Dan (Reid Scott) subtly fight over who will eventually become the Veep’s campaign manager, but after Dan’s premature phone call discussing the matter it is apparent Meyer doesn’t even want one in the first place, making their rivalry hilarious and, let’s face it: they totally love each other.

This season feels different from the last two, in that it’s looking to be the funniest yet. All of the jokes seem to land perfectly, and the story is getting reallll good as we move along towards this presidential campaign.

Watch a new episode “The Choice” this Sunday at 10:30PM right after Silicon Valley on HBO, where it’s looking like there might be a fun little ride with the Coast Guard (plus: more Jonah blog drama!).

(photo via TV.com)

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