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True Detective review: “The Long Bright Dark”

“This type of thing does not happen in a vacuum”

Nic Pizzolatto’s True Detective is a new HBO crime drama starring Matthew McCoughnahey and Woody Harrelson that will premiere an eight episode season. And last Sunday we FINALLY got a taste of this amazingness, leaving me very happy as I sat in my bed late-night On Demanding (I watched “The Long Bright Dark” 4 times.) I must say too that everything from the dialogue all the way to Woody’s facial expressions and commentary (he’s just a “regular-type dude with a big ass dick”) and of course, Matthew McConaughey’s peculiar character Rust whose dark life perceptions (“Its all a giant ghetto man… a giant gutter in outer space”) make this show incredible and worth the watch.

But the best part of True Detective isn’t just its eerie feel or totally “raw-boned and edgy” appeal that had me addicted right from the opening credits (which: they deserve their own award, seriously), but rather the electricity that IS Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) and Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) together.


True Detective centers in bright rural Louisiana that for the two seems to be haunted by a very dark 17 year-long cult-like case that started on January 3rd 1995 (Rust’s daughter’s birthday!). We start in a confessional setting with Martin being interrogated about something, describing him and Rust’s seven year-long journey working together. He talks about their relationship that always seemed to be troubled by inevitable differences (people change), and we get a feel of what can happen when people fall into the allusion of their crazy beliefs, whether criminal or detective—a seemingly unified theme that’s “darkness touches you back”.

Back and forth it goes between the two separately recalling their time together, except unlike Martin Cohle appears to now be more of a rugged-type guy in prison, giving the low-down on that serial killer’s twisted killings (“some halloween shit!) that left a lot of young blonde prostitute-like women victims scattered along that very same bright and beautiful rural landscape.

So many little things make this show so perfect (did anyone else notice the coffee mug they gave Rust to ash in, the “BIG HUG MUG”? I mean really, how perfect is that?). Oh, and the TREE LANDSCAPES! Can I even describe my love for the tree landscapes (the show also has an Instagram for ultimate behind the scenes). Even the color tone of the whole show makes me feel like I’m watching, as Lena Dunham put it ever so perfectly, an “old-timey murder” show that really has me chewing on my nails about what’s going to happen in tonight’s episode “Seeing Things”.

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