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Triangle Piece making a European debut with “Johnny” single across radio stations in France, Belgium, and the UK

Triangle Piece had us at “Living With a Gun,” a version of “Who Was That Masked Man” by Van Morrison. Glenn Davis,  aka the Columbus, Ohio rooted remix genius behind Triangle Piece, says his works are “a way for [him] to stay tapped into making music in a way that’s just fun[,] [n]o pressure to write a popular song or memorable lyrics[,] [j]ust having fun with samples and making music that [he’d] like to listen to.”

And now for the first time the remixes and creations of Triangle Piece are being released April 3 on a mix tape: The Man I Love. A single off the album, “Johnny,” will be playing throughout European radio stations starting tonight, March 4, on the United Kingdom’s Crock Radio at 11PM GMT/, and continuing on through next week playing in France and Belgium.

Triangle Piece’s “Johnny” single European premiere dates:

-Sunday., March 4 on Crock Radio, 11 PM CET (5PM EST)
-Sunday, March 4 on DIY, 10 PM GMT (5PM EST)
-Tuesday, March 6 on Radio Campus Rennes, 2 PM CET (8 AM EST)
-Thursday, March 8 on Jet FM, 10PM CET (4PM EST)
-Friday, March 9 on Radio Primitive, 11PM CET (5PM EST)
-Saturday, March 10 on L’autre Radio, 6:30 PM CET (12:30PM EST)
-Wednesday, March 7 on Noizy Radio, 6PM CET (12PM EST)

Triangle Piece’s first official self-release has a lot to do with songs that inspired his other ongoing project, Way Yes, who recently signed with Lefse Records and play frequently throughout the Midwest—producing 3 albums, Walkability, Herringbone, and Oranjudio back in October.

Triangle Piece stemmed from doing mixed beats (like “Living With a Gun,” appearing below) for
other artists, like Way Yes’ remix of Slothpop‘s “Magenta,” and then turned into experimentally uploading some beats on SoundCloud—now evolving fully into what will be featured in The Man I Love.

Chime in to Triangle Piece’s peak of what’s to come from the latest album right from wherever you are by the convenience of the Interweb—and lookout for more beats and mixes from Triangle Piece and Way Yes!

(photos via Triangle Piece)

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