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TRAPLOVE: Trapstar London’s delicious line of beanies and caps

IMG_1283The first time I came across Trapstar London was while stumbling through Instagram; Cara Delevingne was sporting her logo cap proud and I immediately fell in love with the particular style. And well, let’s just say after peeping through the UK line’s Lookbook and browsing through their online store, I am so into Trapstar’s overall vibe and am on the verge of checking out with a cart full of their delicious hats.

I love the beanie look because it has all that kind of fuzzy warmness you need in the winter cold while still keepin’ that super cool look (just make sure to not look too much like you’re gonna rob someones car.) Plus, they’re easy to incorporate to an already dressed down outfit or add a little casualness to a dressier ensemble. Not to mention, perfect for those inevitable bad hair days.

If you’re looking for something different to wear on top, head to Trapstar and check their threads out. You won’t be disappointed (except for the fact these don’t ship from the US, so be prepared to splurge.)

(via Trapstar)

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