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Things were just different in the 60s: Sofia Coppola’s ‘Priscilla’ film from the eyes of Elvis’ longtime lover

When it comes to falling in love as a teenager, it is not every day you’re sitting there at the diner journaling in your diary and a random man approaches you to go party at a famous rock and roll musician’s house—I mean really, let’s be honest: the chances of this happening in your lifetime is zero to none. But the fact of the matter is, this is how Priscilla originally came to be.

And life can get crazy when you just so happen to fall for the world’s most famous singer and rock and roller—all while your dad is stationed in Germany—I mean, it is quite the love story for sure.

Now in Sofia Coppola’s latest, we get the first-ever time point of view from Priscilla (played flawlessly by Cailee Spaeny) herself—what it was like to basically get hooked up with Elvis Presley (Jacob Elordi—who lets just say nailed the role) at the young age of 14 during a time where it really was all about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.

While the relationship remains taboo is up for interpretation as it was the 1960s (things were just *different*), but the first time the two had met he was almost 10 years her senior at 24 years-old—making it a present-day parent’s worst nightmare. But allegedly the two had never slept together before her legal age so believe what you will (maybe Elvis was not that bad after all) and I’m not even going to ask what the parents were thinking—but love is love I guess when it comes to being with the Elvis Presley.

And of course high school sucks when you’re hanging with the dubbed King at the time. How can one focus when all you wanna do is listen to Elvis Presley songs 24/7 and read the latest gossip about him and his so-called flings? All while waiting for the phone ring and him to come home from Hollywood and being on tour. Talk about heartbreak.

But for some reason or another Elvis came back around and Priscilla became his secret “girl” while she finished high school and he became the next big star.

The soundtrack is nothing short of mind-blowing; every song is carefully chosen go with the film serendipitously with how fun living during the peak of American music in that era was (can you imagine the parties?). You’ll hear anything from artists like The Ramones all the way to Frankie Avalon and The Righteous Brothers.

If you’re a fan of music, know anything about Elvis, or just simply want to watch the craziest love story ever, watch Priscilla and go back in time to relive an era that will forever celebrated in rock n’ roll.

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