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The Winklevii brothers are still trying to outdo Facebook, likely trial wombs remain salted

In The Social Network we got to see how it all began: Zuck, being the little smart ass genius he is, decided to sabotage a social networking site while buzzed off of a couple of beers one night in his dorm room. Yup. That’s right. A mere 18 year-old kid who thought it’d be funny to hack a  site used by the Harvard Greek “elite” ended up somehow a billionaire off what is now known as Facebook.

But first there was the Winklevoss brothers. Who decided to put their trust Little Zuck with their brewing idea for a new type of connectivity. Well, sort of. The HarvardConnection. Meaning: you had to have an “[@]Harvard.edu.[,] [t]he most prestigious e-mail address in the country,” to belong to the network. And this is something that they’re probably still kicking themselves for. While Zuck had all the smarts, the Winklevii and their frat boy bros had the brilliant idea. Then BOOM, Facebook started running amok while the “gifted programmer” pretty much stole the entire project.

So in light of the $65 million the Winklevoss brothers did end up somehow getting from the deal (or steal, if you will), The Wall Street Journal is reporting that while munching on some chargrilled lamb burgers, the two brothers announced they want to get back into the game again with a new project SumZero. Tyler Winklevoss said they want to, “get involved and really roll up our sleeves[.]”

SumZero is being defined a network for “investment professionals at hedge funds[,] but like the very early days of Facebook, still has somewhat of an exclusivity. In order to join SumZero you must be on the “buy” side of it all; it  currently has about 7,500 members.

I don’t think there’s any irony in their brand name here, and it’s likely “SumZero” will remain, well, not really amounting to very much in the grand scheme of it all. But the real question is: have the Winklevoss Bros. finally come to terms with the reality that their billion dollar HarvardConnection idea will never come to be, or are they still living in the past, plotting their vengeance against Zuck?

(via The Atlantic Wire & The Wall Street Journal)

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