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The Sosta is the place for Italian on-the-go

Fast-casual is a concept that has been on the rise since Chipotle took reign back in the day, and ever since then it seems like every kind of food is getting its own version of an “on-the-go” dining experience. At The Sosta, each pasta is perfectly paired specially to bring a meant-to-be texture and flavor without the wait time at a sit-down restaurant. 

They even have a pasta of the month, which this March features a collaboration between Chef Ali LaRaia from The Sosta and Liv Perez, a fashion and lifestyle influencer and Forbes contributer. The pasta is a well-thought out combo of pecorino cheese and activated charcoal spaghetti drenched in a light oily sauce, a classic take on cacio e pepe. 

Other populars include the pumpkin-shaped zucca pasta with penne vodka sauce (main photo). Last month’s pasta of the month (photo via @mslindsays) was a mafaladini cavolo with kale, lemon, and stracciatella.

You can even take some home for your next meal! Pasta and sauces sold separately:

Don’t forget to take a selfie in the neon mirror bathroom!

Oh, and tell them Looped sent you!

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