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The only farm-to-table dumpling spot you’ve never heard of

When it comes to food, sometimes you think you’ve seen it all. And then suddenly you’re faced with a giant, jiggly soup dumpling that let’s just say is XXXXL (formally known as the XLXLB Dumpling).

The spot Drunken Dumpling in NYC’s East Village neighborhood isn’t just any old dumpling go-to, either; every ingredient is sustainable and farm-to-table, leaving out that stereotypical greasy dumpling taste. They even dyed their dumplings (naturally, of course, with carrot) for the Chinese New Year making for quite the Instagram pic.

But the main reason for your visit should obviously be more because of the XLXLB boomerang:

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Drunken Dumpling is one of those underrated NYC restaurants that you can’t rely solely on the Yelp reviews; this is a place you just have to see for yourself. And trust me when I say it’s a DUMP (I mean that in the absolute greatest way possible).

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