The new Trio App: mash it up!

When I first started Instagramming I swore by the photography gods that I would never, ever post a video to the strictly photo platform site; but everyone knows promises are meant to be broken and change is inevitable, which is why I have since fell in love with the new Trio app. It’s like iMovie meets Tinder meets Vine meets—uhh, you know—everything.

I’m always weary when it comes to downloading new apps, especially since my storage space is practically nonexistent. But Trio is SO much fun and takes sharing content to the next level with its Tinder-like feature that has you swiping for likes. But that’s not the only cool part: it’s almost as if you are editing your own mini movie with the specifics of Trio’s editing features.

When creating your mash up, you are not limited to just photos; you can import GIFs, Instagram photos, Vine videos—any random combination that suits your idea. Trio provides you with endless content to accompany your personal photographs as well, making it far too easy and fun to create something unique. Oh, and BONUS:  you can add music, too.

How to Trio:

1) Have an idea:

photo 1 (1)

2) Gather the content:

photo 4 (1)

3) Cut and Edit:

photo (1)

4) Add Music:

photo (2)

 4) Post and share:

photo (4)

(photos via screenshots of Trio App)

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Kaitlin Duffy is a writer from Cleveland. When she's not blogging or pondering the great complexities of the world and outer space, she is finding rare vinyl steals, visiting new places, laughing often, Instagramming everything in sight, watching movies, or working on her first feature Port de Cleve.