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The new Nick Jonas is really good, and other things we never thought we would say

It’s 11PM on a Friday night. I’m strollin’ through Brooklyn (and Instagram) on my way home where of course I come across a video of J. Franco blasting Nick Jonas’ new song “Jealous” and I’m like WHAT IS THIS! WHAT IS THIS FUN-SOUNDING SONG J. FRANCO IS JAMMING RIGHT NOW? I then immediately Google “still get jealous” and Nick Jonas pops up everywhere, where I then download the remix version immediately feat. one of my favorite lady R&B artists Tinashe (you might know her from the song “2 On”.)

And while that quickly has become my favorite on loop, I’ve succumbed to my new found love for the third eldest Jonas pretty much becoming OBSESSED with all of these new songs buying the album on iTunes. While I see no wrong in listening to each song three times in a row. But until everyone can get past the inevitable Jonas Bros stigma you have, I will keep promoting Nick Jonas self-titled until further notice.

Ask me two years ago if I’d be fuckin’ with the Jonas Brothers and I woulda laughed—music has done gone proven me wrong once again because this album is SO. DAMN. GOOD.

Tracklist: ($$$ = money tracks)

1. “Chains”
2. “Jealous” – $$$
3. “Teacher” – $$$
4. “Warning”
5. “Wilderness”
6. “Numb (feat. Angel Haze) – $$$
7. “Take Over”
8. “Push” – $$$
9. “I Want You”
10. “Avalanche (feat. Demi Lovato)
11. “Nothing Would Be Better”
12. “Chains (Just a Gent Remix)”
13. “Santa Barbara”
14. “Closer (feat. Mike Posner)” – $$$

Here’s a little taste for ya. WARNING: you will be singing the chorus in your head for the next week. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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