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The best hot chocolate date is at Mariebelle in SoHo

I love a fun date that is not the typical cliche. So when a friend suggested we meet for a hot chocolate at Mariebelle in SoHo NYC, I was excited to have a warm drink in the dead middle of winter to accompany great ambiance with an even better conversation.

The cacao bar is unassuming from anyone passing by on the street; in the front you would not expect the chocolate store to have such an exquisitely detailed room dedicated to sipping some of the best melted chocolate on their menu which features drinks like the Midnight Espresso: 65% dark chocolate with a shot of espresso.

Other offerings include Prosecco, Bellinis, smoothies, cookies, chocolate fondue, and of course: the famous Mariebelle signature chocolates that everyone knows and loves.

If you are in New York City with an affinity for chocolate or maybe just looking for a gift for that special somebody, Mariebelle might be the place for you.

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