The 121-megapixel Elektro-L Earth Image is unlike any other

With all the crazy technology out there, it’s easy to capture the lovely images space and our own Earth have to offer (black holes, not so much; you might need a telescope with a mirror the size of Earth to see a real black hole in action). And leave it to NASA to get their hands on the 121-megapixel “Elektro-L” satellite to show off our beautiful planet from 22,369 miles away.

If you notice the color scheme in this image, it’s unlike anything we’ve seen in the past; this particular satellite combines the wavelengths of visible and infrared light, normally used to see plants, to display a rusty brown color where it would usually appear green.

For a more up close and personal look at the Elektro-L Earth image, check the zoomable / movable one to really put things into perspective.

(via Mashable)


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